Frequently Asked Questions

You will be contacted by the Sale Staff about how to pay for your purchases, also to help you arrange transportation. SETTLEMENT IS NOT MADE TO Cattle In Motion, LLC, you will make payment directly to Sale Manager or Ranch. They will contact you with the correct instructions.

No, The Screen Size is set to optimize your picture quality. Also, for the shows that you are watching the sponsors that you see advertisements for are who are paying for you to be able to view the Shows today, please support them.

This again has to do with the Internet connection, and can be on our end, your end, or might be a combination of the two. If it is on our end, we will make every attempt to get it to the best possible spot. We check our audio with several “Control Viewers” at each sale that let us know how we sound, and if we need to make a change. It might be in your connection, and if that is the case, there isn’t much we can do about that.

The asking price on the screen is the current price you are agreeing to bid, when you click -you place that bid. The Audio and Video can be just a little behind that, depending on the Internet connection at the sale site, and the internet connection at your location. The delay ALWAYS depends on both of these factors. While we at Cattle In Motion, LLC make every attempt to run on as fast as connection as possible, we sometimes end up with a less than “optimal” situation. In any event, we make EVERY effort to do the best job we can with the Location and connection that we are provided by the Ranch Owner at our location. Also, please remember that the delay may be on your end as well. Regardless, we always encourage you to bid early if you are interested in a particular lot, and we will try to slow the sale down a little, but this is no guarantee that your bid might not come in late, so please bid quickly.

That information depends on the sale. For most Cattle In Motion Live Sale Broadcasts, we have Preshot video, so before the sale we will show the Auctioneer and Sale ring, but once the sale starts the Preshot video is shown. These videos give you a much better view of the animals, and what they can offer to your program. You will hear live audio from the PA at the sale, and see an Asking Price on the screen, as well as a Place Bid Button, Past Sales, Sale Order, and Sale Catalog Buttons. We also provide a Chat box for you to talk to the admin at the sale site, and other users watching the sale. 

For a Live Broadcast, we post a link on that sales page that says CLICK HERE TO ENTER AUCTION; if you are logged in then you will see this link once we post it. This normally happens about 30 minutes before the Sale. Some days we do it several hour early, but sometimes we might be just a few minutes before the sale begins. It really depends on what type of internet we have been provided at the sale site, and a few other factors.

Creating an account is the first step. You also need to complete your Lifetime Verification, and Sign up for each sale you are interested in.
Your Lifetime Verification is basically a way for Cattle In Motion to verify that you are who you say you are. Basically what we do is Charge you $1 on your Visa or MasterCard one time. By doing this, we are basically matching the information that is in your account with what your Card Company has. We DO NOT store your Credit Card information, and can and will NEVER charge anything to you again on that card. Once this is done one time, you will never have to do it again for any of the Sales we Broadcast.
When you sign up for a particular sale, it basically adds you to a list that the Ranch Owner or Sale Manager can look at. From there they have the right to remove people from the list if they have had issues in the past.

Yes, to be able to watch a Cattle In Motion Live Broadcast (Show or Sale) you will need to create an account. This is free to do and only takes a few minutes. CLICK HERE to do this now. Please remember as you set up your account, to write down your Username and Password, and keep them somewhere safe. These are case sensitive, so If you use COW as a password, and try  cow when you log in later it will not work.

No, I-Pads/I-Phones do not support Adobe Flash, this prevents you from watching. Your Android or Blackberry should be fine. You will just need to make sure that you have an Adobe Flash player downloaded. It is a free download at


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