The asking price and the audio I am hearing do not match, what’s the deal?

The asking price on the screen is the current price you are agreeing to bid, when you click -you place that bid. The Audio and Video can be just a little behind that, depending on the Internet connection at the sale site, and the internet connection at your location. The delay ALWAYS depends on both of these factors. While we at Cattle In Motion, LLC make every attempt to run on as fast as connection as possible, we sometimes end up with a less than “optimal” situation. In any event, we make EVERY effort to do the best job we can with the Location and connection that we are provided by the Ranch Owner at our location. Also, please remember that the delay may be on your end as well. Regardless, we always encourage you to bid early if you are interested in a particular lot, and we will try to slow the sale down a little, but this is no guarantee that your bid might not come in late, so please bid quickly.


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