have an account with Cattle In Motion, does this mean that I am able to bid on the sales you Broadcast?

Creating an account is the first step. You also need to complete your Lifetime Verification, and Sign up for each sale you are interested in.
Your Lifetime Verification is basically a way for Cattle In Motion to verify that you are who you say you are. Basically what we do is Charge you $1 on your Visa or MasterCard one time. By doing this, we are basically matching the information that is in your account with what your Card Company has. We DO NOT store your Credit Card information, and can and will NEVER charge anything to you again on that card. Once this is done one time, you will never have to do it again for any of the Sales we Broadcast.
When you sign up for a particular sale, it basically adds you to a list that the Ranch Owner or Sale Manager can look at. From there they have the right to remove people from the list if they have had issues in the past.


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