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Lot 8 - GMR Miss 163 Manso

High bid
5 years 2 weeks 5 days 8 hours 45 min ago
Lot Information:
GMR Miss 163 Manso
JDH Mr. Shannon Manso
JDH Ms. Raleigh Manso 699
BW: 1.7 WW: 25.2 YW:37.8 M:7.4
Golden Meadows Ranch

This 19 month old consignment from Golden Meadows Ranch is the result of some of the most proven and productive genetics of the famed J.D. Hudgins Ranch.  She is sired by JDH Mr. Shannon Manso that Chris Cooley was able to purchase from his friend Steve Hudgins.  Due to the pedigree of JDH Mr. Shannon being backed by the Vanguard Sire (+) JDH Lawford Manso and the dam of the former show bull and now J.D. Hudgins herd sire JDH Eastman Manso, Golden Meadows Ranch has retained a number of his daughters as well as sold several offspring to other Brahman breeders to use as foundation genetics.  The dam to 163 is a regular calving dam for Golden Meadows and is double bred (+)JDH Sir Liberty Manso the International Champion, Vanguard, and globally utilized sire.  In addition to her growthy, deep ribbed, heavy structured phenotype and breed leading pedigree 163 charts positive for 10 traits further making her useful as a breeding piece.  It’s rare that you are able to find a female that combines the essential three P’s of phenotype, pedigree and performance but GMR Ms. 163 Manso certainly checks all of these boxes!

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