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Lot 8 - 5 units semen - Mr L Ben Cartwright 197

High bid
3 weeks 15 hours 47 min 2 sec ago
Lot Information:
5 units semen - Mr L Ben Cartwright 197
JDH Gerardo Manso
Miss V8 87/7
Ranch Name: 
L2 Ranch

Lot 8

5 units of Semen – Ben Cartwright

A great opportunity to purchase some of the first semen ever offered on Ben Cartwright. Cartwright has been a consistent winner on the open circuit for the last 2 years including Reserve Division Champion at the National Show in Dallas. He is sired by the Gerado Manso bull and out of a V8 Tomcat daughter. Semen is being collected in mid-December and the buyer will receive the 1st semen produced.

The final price is 5 times the bid!

Semen will be released to one buyer only. Semen cannot be sold, traded, or donated. Semen cannot be used on partnership cows. Semen comes with 5 breeding certificates, additional certificates will be released for $50 each.  


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