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Lot 6 - Embryos: #Willtony Blundstone 1013 (P) X JTB Dehorner 656-1110/2 (P)

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24 weeks 2 hours 52 min 23 sec ago
Lot Information:
Sire: #Willtony Blundstone 1013 (P) #1026609
Dam: JTB Dehorner 656-1110/2 (P) #911114

Purchase Price= 3 X Bid


We are sure that some are trying to figure out what this offer is all about.  Yes, Sandglass Ranch is known for utilizing the most proven & popular genetics in the breed.  We breed all kinds of cattle to fit ALL markets.  We started with polled Brahman cattle and remain as a leader in that arena.  It seemed to us that the polled market was narrowing and new genetics needed to be introduced.  We had the opportunity several years back to purchase the dam to this embryo package from Jim Bob Trant prior to his passing.  We loved the scurred cow’s phenotype and sure appreciate her pedigree that combines the Maternal Performance Sire (=)JDH Mr. Crosby Manso and a cow from Joe Ward’s Lazy J Ranch.  We have utilized 1110/2 with a number of sires with the first calves due soon.  One of the exciting matings is by #Willtony Blundstone 1013 (P) who was purchased for $100,000 Australian Dollars in November 2016 by the legendary operations of Carinya M. and Garglen Brahman Co. At 9 years of age Blundstone is still naturally covering 50-60 cows, maintains his 2,400 lbs. body weight, and breeds with a 95% conception rate!

With over 100 progeny Blundstone is proven to sire moderate birthweight calves that grow rapidly and are heavy muscled as confirmed by his genetic predictors.

The sire of Blundstone is Avee Jackson who is one of the top polled sires in Australia. The first three generations of the top side of Blunstone's pedigree are all Australian genetics and represent some of the most renown operations. The dam side of Blundstone's pedigree contains two US sires to include JDH Lincoln De Manso who was purchased by Fenech Brahman Cattle and +Mr. V8 189/4 making him a complete outcross to any other polled sires in the USA.


We were the first in the USA to purchase and use this semen making this an exclusive opportunity.  Give this opportunity some thought.  From a futuristic breeding standpoint we think the mating makes a lot of sense!



Selling three embryos with a guarantee of one 60 day pregnancy if implanted by a licensed embryo technician.  If no pregnancy results from the first three embryos one final embryo will be given.

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Dam to Embryos
Dam to Embryos
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$100,000 AU son of Blundstone
$100,000 AU son of Blundstone

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