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Lot 36 - LMC POLLED MADISON 133/0 (P)

High bid
5 years 31 weeks 19 hours 24 min 5 sec ago
Lot Information:

Selling 5  Units of Semen

Final Price is 5 x the Bid Price

We appreciate the opportunity to participate in this ABBA Bull Test and Sale. It gives all ABBA members a great opportunity to develop bulls at a very fair cost and most important gather valuable, useful info that will assist them and their clients to improve their herds. We encourage ABBA to establish more of these tests all over the market areas. They will help educate our membership and our clientele and in the process grow our bull markets. In an effort to assist the ABBA Performance Committee with their projects, Ava Barker and La Muneca are donating three units of semen with three ABBA AI certificates on our LMC Polled Madison herd bull. 

Last year we had 4 of the top 10 bulls and 4 of the top selling 7 bulls (ALL POLLED) plus the highest gaining bull.  This year we have 3 of the top 4 scanning bulls. LMC Polled Madison is the sire of these top scanning bulls selling in this sale. He is a champion +LMC LF Ambassador son out of a JD Hudgins cow thus making him 3/4 JDH and 1/4 V8 breeding. His dam is double bred JDH Madison de Manso.  He is rich in muscle, correctness, pigment, breed character and produces his flat hip, flat back and good hump placements on his calves that have lots of consumer demand. We love his daughters and sons.

We co-own him with our long time friend Ava Barker. She has raised some outstanding cattle by him and is proud to be using his oldest son which she produced, Polled Pathfinder in her herd. We recently sold an Australian semen exclusive on him to Brett Nobbs, a prominent breeder from Australia. When you think of Polled Madison, think of CARCASS MERIT and TOTALITY and put him to work for you.

If used in ET or IVF, buyer is eligible to receive up to 10 AI certificates at ABBA cost. Extras will cost $100 per certificate. They cannot be traded, sold or donated. For more info, please contact Carlos at 956-802-1641. This lot contains 5 units of semen. Bid times 5 is what you will pay.


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