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Lot 34 - 10 UNITS OF 3/4 X 1/4 SIMBRAH SEMEN - 6G/LMC Rajin Cajun W908

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4 years 41 weeks 6 days 4 hours 45 min ago
Lot Information:
10 UNITS OF 3/4 X 1/4 SIMBRAH SEMEN - 6G/LMC Rajin Cajun W908
JF Net Investment 634S
6G Evangeline 5S-617
BW 4.5, WW 69.6, YW 102.4, Milk 27.1

SELING:  10 Units of Semen on 6G/LMC Rajin Cajun - Polled 3/4 Simmental X 1/4 Brahman Simbrah BullSelling by the unit x 10 in $10 increments.

6G/LMC Rajin Cajun Bull is sired by a black Simmental bull named JF Net Investment and out of the capacious Purebred Simbrah 6G Evangeline cow making Cajun a 3/4 Simmental X 1/4 Brahman bull.  He has sired numerous champions and sold several breeding shares for us.  Cajun has kept our cattle at the forefront in terms of balance, function, muscle and style.

JF Net Investment is a bull that our longtime friends and partners  at 6G Ranch selected from the Janssen Farms operation out of Iowa who has had a lot of success in the Simmental breed.  6G has sold several attractive and functional cattle out of the Net Investment bull through MAS and other sales. These cattle garnered much interest, sold high and are producing well across various Simbrah operations.  The CNS Dream On bull who is Cajun's paternal grand sire is a pillar in the Simmental breed and can be found in some of Simmental and Simbrah's most productive and profitable pedigrees.  Certainly a solid bloodline on the top side of the Cajun bull.

It's not hard to figure where Cajun gets a lot of his capacity, power and breed character from as his dam is loaded with those traits and then you add the Dream On influence and you have a very productive individual.  The Evangeline cow is a model Simbrah female that is maternal minded and one gorgeous female.  On the bottom side, she has functional Buzzard Hollow Fleckvieh Simmental genetics that contribute milk, performance and thickness to this bloodline.  A touch of fleck will never hurt a pedigree as these cattle will go out and wean you an easy keeping, bold sprung and fleshy calf more times than not that is for sure due to their ability to milk.  

 Evangeline is a LM Full House daughter, a bull who set the standard of excellence for the Simbrah breed a decade ago winning the Triple Crown (Grand Champion Bull in San Antonio, Houston and Mercedes) and producing some top quality Simbrah cattle including the International Champion Rhino bull and Ronnie Smith's PRR Full of Moves 3U cow. Rajin Cajun has produced the champions LMC BBS Tia & Jenna and most recently the many times champion LMC BS Chloe for Caleb Fuchs.  Full House comes about his good looks and production record honestly being a HR Power House I son out of the LM Robs Muneca 3E/89 donor, two breed giants that have had a tremendous impact on Simbrah.

The Cajun bull has been one of our hottest sires since his first set of calves hit a few years ago.   If you study the bull, he blends power and look as good as any bull out there today and exudes plenty of breed character and traits that should stick around for many years to come. He established a great legacy in the breed at a very young age. 

The 12th Man and Pappadeaux bulls are both Cajun sons to give you an idea of what kind of power this bull is producing.    We are confident that Cajun will continue to play a pivotal role in assisting us, and several others in attaining their genetic and phenotypic goals. We someday will replace him with his champion son LMC BBS Manziel who had 46.5 CM testicles and a 4.6% Marbling score at 13 months of age.  That is THE COWMAN'S KINDA BULL !!

We are proud that of the last 17 years of International and Reserve International Champion Bulls in Houston, over 60% of them have either been bred by La Muneca or had either a LMC sire and/or dam in their pedigree.  The Cajun bull should help us continue to build on this impressive record as he produces cattle that are powerful and appealing like him.  Don’t miss this opportunity to add the influence of this outstanding and proven herd sire. His API Index is in the top 10% and TI % in the top 3% of the breed.

Other Lot Images
daughter - San Antonio $10,000 Jr. Champion for Caleb Fuchs.
daughter - San Antonio $10,000 Jr. Champion for Caleb Fuchs.
Other Lot Images
son - Champion and high marbling LMC BBS Manziel. Semen sells as Lot 31.
son - Champion and high marbling LMC BBS Manziel. Semen sells as Lot 31.
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daughter - many times champion for Haley Bryand.
daughter - many times champion for Haley Bryand.

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