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4 years 31 weeks 4 days 10 hours 28 min ago
Lot Information:
LMC EF JW Black 3N/225
LMC Jacob's Muneca 5S/124
BW 3.7, WW 71.8, YW 101.7, Milk 15.9

Selling:  Five units of LMC ATZ Dr. Feel Good Semen.  Selling by the unit x 5 in $10 increments.

We’re proud to be offering a semen package on one of our most reliable herd sires and the 2009 Reserve National Champion Bull LMC ATZ Dr. Feel Good.  He was born in January of 2008, is sired by the legendary LMC EF JW Black bull and out of the LMC Jacobs Muneca donor.

We do an extensive amount of work with juniors and Dr. Feel Good is a product of that program.  We sold Jacob Atzenhoffer a LMC RFI-Smith Red Bullet daughter as his first LMC show heifer and he took advantage of our free semen offer, bred her to our JW Black bull and out came Dr. Feel Good.  We started getting phone calls about this awesome bull calf from friends at the Houston Jr. Show and when the Atzenhoffer Family brought him down for the MAS weekend later that month, we made a deal with the Atzenhoffer Family to buy half of the bull calf and his mother from them.  Every year we sell some of our very best females to our juniors and many of them are in the best position to produce the next great one due to our free semen offering and the Atzenhoffer's did just that.  CONGRATS to Steve and Mary Beth on the great job they have done raising their kiddos and in producing and showing some of Simbrah’s finest.

What a pedigree on the bottom side of Dr. Feel Good, you have the timeless LM She Moves cow and the ever productive LM Rob's Muneca 3E/89 as well as the Rob, Money and Bravo bulls who can be found in the foundation of several of our most productive and profitable cows of all time.  Add all this up and combine them with the 2005 International Champion Bull LMC RFI-Smith Red Bullet who is out of one of the rare back-to-back International Champions HR Power House and you have a solid and predictable line of genetics to lean on.  You can go into several more individuals in Jacobs Muneca's pedigree but those are some of the heavyweights that have done a lot for us and the breed in terms of producing the type of cattle that are not only in line with the industry needs but do their share of moving the needle forward.  

This cow is also the dam to the LMC ATZ Miley donor who is a full sister to Feel Good and the only female to win back to back titles at a $15,000 MAS Showdown, $15,000 Synergy Showcase, $20,000 LMC $ellabration or Elite Show by winning back to back titles at Synergy for Jacob's sister, Jane Hunt.  Miley has gone on to produce well herself, producing the Reserve Champion Female at the 2014 State Fair of Texas Jr. Simbrah Show.  Jacobs Muneca is also the dam to the LMC ATZ Cuervo bull, who is at work in KQ Cattle Company's herd here in South Texas.  She was a good cow who out produced herself as a good cow should.

Dr. Feel Good was named Reserve National Champion in Ft. Worth out of a tough set of bulls that included the likes of LMC Soldier and LMC HS Rocco as a calf and turned heads that year with his length, bone and stoutness.  This wide based bull, with a great look sold 6 breeding shares at just a year of age for $1,250 apiece in the MAS Simbrah Sale IV and has gone on to be a consistent producer of cattle that do well in and out of the ring.  He is not only working for us, but for several other breeders as well.  His cattle are moderate, docile and have loads of eye appeal just like he does.  This bull is a prime example of what JW Black did for not only our operation but the breed, as he put together an unprecedented package in a black baldy color pattern that appealed to a lot of cow men, not only Simbrah breeders but breeders from other breeds as well.  He was a testament to what the show ring can do for a breed as he was a great ambassador for the Simbrah breed while on the road.  When you pull up to a breeder's stalls the first thing you usually see is their stock's rear ends and that is where Dr. Feel Good had a lot of folks from hello, he can put a rear on one.  For all that muscle, look at that clean, extended signature JW Black front end on that bull.

To wrap things up on Feel Good, simply put he has been a great one for us raising the bar for the breed with each of his consistent and exciting calf crops.  We sold 25 show heifers out of his first calf crop. Feel Good is certainly one to consider when thinking about producing major league Simbrah cattle.  His most notable progeny are the 2011 National Champion LMC Arcadio bull who sold to Rancho La Reforma, LMC Miss America who was a champion for our partners Hidden Oaks Cattle and is now a donor, as well as the many times champion LMC LN Blackberry for Victoria Villanueva and our long time friend Santos Escobar.  BUY WITH CONFIDENCE, HE CAN HIT THE HOME RUN YOU’RE LOOKING TO PRODUCE.

Other Lot Images
LMC Arcadio is his most popular son that won National Champion. Owned by Rancho La Reforma.
LMC Arcadio is his most popular son that won National Champion. Owned by Rancho La Reforma.
Other Lot Images
Many times champion daughter bred by LMC-La Negra and shown by Victoria Villanueva.
Many times champion daughter bred by LMC-La Negra and shown by Victoria Villanueva.

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