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Lot 24 - Miss JH 002/8

High bid
4 years 27 weeks 6 days 4 hours 6 min ago
Lot Information:
Miss JH 002/8
Mr. V8 604/7 "Man of Steel" #927486
Ms. WH 932/5 #943108
BW: .90 WW: 34.5 YW: 53.6 M: 5.1
JH Ranch

Miss JH 002/8 is a flushmate to lot 20 and exhibits the same traits and characteristics being super eye appealing, growthy, long, level and feminine.  There’s no question that her eye appealing phenotype caught your attention but it’s the opportunity to buy a daughter of the International Champion and proven young sire Mr. V8 604/7 that is going to convince you to buy her.  Although the opportunity to buy a daughter of one of the hottest sires in the breed is hard to pass up it only gets even more exciting when you realize that her pedigree consists of  three International Champions, 5 trait leaders and some of the most proven maternal genetics in the breed further adding to her value.  Study this one hard.  She might not come in the fanciest package but remember what you are buying-proven genetics!

The registration on Miss JH 002/8 has been submitted to ABBA and should be processed in the next few weeks.   

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