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Lot 16 - Miss Dubina Rose 226/7 (P)

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5 years 1 week 6 days 5 hours 50 min ago
Lot Information:
Miss Dubina Rose 226/7 (P)
LMC Polled Sambo 45/0
Miss Double A 3/150
BW: 3.1 WW: 35.6 YW: 58.0 M: 6.2
Dubina Rose Ranch

Polled Heifer!  In 2016 Dubina Rose Ranch started creating a small polled program in an effort to fulfill the demands of their customers.  In the forward thinking nature of Dean Burkhardt the owner of Dubina Rose Ranch he surmised that the breeder who was able to produce a good looking polled animal that had performance and carcass quality would be the leader.  Miss Dubina Rose 226/7 is one of the results of this polled program and she certainly met his expectations.  This 11 month old smooth polled halter broke heifer has been shown on a limited basis resulting in her being gentle.  Not only is she polled and displays the stout structured big bodied look that Mr. Burkhardt desired but exhibits the expected growth and carcass traits ranking in the top 7% of the breed for WW, YW, REA and Marbling!  Most commercial cattlemen would accept this female for what she offers  phenotypically and performance wise but not the most progressive Brahman breeder.  He would ask about her pedigree and 226/7 would again resoundingly impress. She is sired by LMC Polled Sambo 45/0 who is one of the most proven polled Brahman bulls in the breed being sired by LMC WFF Pistolero and the great +Lazy J Samantha Cow that is also the dam to a number of high sellers and show winners  alike resulting in her entering the Register of Renown.  The dam to 226/7 is a former show heifer purchased from Alfredo Muskus/Las Mercedes Ranch that was the result of an International Sale Consignment from V8 Ranch.  The sire of Miss Double A 3/150 is the National Champion Mr. V8 463/6 and her dam is the cross of the iconic (+)JDH Karu Manso with the former show winner and now leading donor +Miss V8 663/6. Miss Double A 3/150 has proven to be one of the top donors for Dubina Rose Ranch averaging 8 embryos/aspiration but more importantly producing quality offspring like 226/7 and two other heifers that are currently being shown successfully.  Polled cattle are here to stay, take advantage of this opportunity to buy one of the very best!

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