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Lot 13 - Ms. Bonchasse 401/7

High bid
36 weeks 19 hours 36 min 8 sec ago
Lot Information:
Ms. Bonchasse 401/7
Date of Birth: 
+Mr. V8 191/7
=JDH Lady Susie Manso
BW: 1.6 WW: 26.8 YW: 38.2 M: 6.8
Ranch Name: 
Bonchasse Land & Cattle

Pedigree, Phenotype & Performance!  If these sound like three essentials that you would like to incorporate into your program then you need to mark Ms. Bonchasse 401/7 as a must buy.  This beautiful female obviously offers the ideal build and eye appeal expected by any progressive cattleman.  In addition to her superior look she offers a pedigree that will be appreciated by anyone no matter their focus combining a Register of Renown Sire with a Maternal Merit Dam.  Her sire is the former champion and proven sire as confirmed by him reaching the Register of Renown, +Mr. V8 191/7.  Certainly 191/7 needs no introduction but it should be noted that he was a many time champion ending his career as a Reserve International Champion, he sired the International Champion Mr. V8 604/7, sired the 2019 V8 Ranch “Bull of the Year” Mr. V8 933/7 “Yeti”, is a multi-trait leader and offers one of the most proven pedigrees in the breed.  The dam to Ms. Bonchasse 401/7 reached the status of Maternal Merit due to her calving regularly and weaning heavy calves.  In addition,= JDH Lady Susie Manso 579/3 has been an outstanding donor for J.D. Hudgins-Locke Division, Moreno Ranches and Dubina Rose/Greg Mathis and as a result has 35 offspring registered in ABBA. In addition to =JDH Lady Susie being recognized for her maternal performance she produced a daughter owned by Bud McCraken that was named the International Show Embryo Produce of Dam Champion.  As you might expect with so much bred-in performance, 401/7 charts positive for 9 traits with 4 of those being in the top 20% of the breed.  In addition she has been carcass ultrasounded and yielded the following adjusted results: REA: 9.37 sq. in. for a 1.2 sq in/CWT, IMF: 4.65%, BF: .42 in.   If you’re interested in producing cattle that have the pedigree, performance, and predictability to remain profitable be the last one bidding on Ms. Bonchassse 401/7!

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