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Lot 1 - Miss HMC Polled 33/1 (P)

High bid
4 years 41 weeks 1 day 20 hours 43 min ago
Lot Information:
Miss HMC Polled 33/1 (P)
LMC WFF Pistolero M130 (P)
Miss SRS Polled Katie 161/4 (P)
BW: 0.7 WW: 19.1 YW 28.2 M: 4.2

One of the best heifers we have raised to date! Miss HMC Polled 33/1 is the representation of the perfect combination of bone, length, muscle mass, femininity and breed character all wrapped into a Smooth Polled and Double Polled package. With the easy fleshing ability and docility of her mother, Miss SRS Polled Katie 161/4, who is one of our best and most consistent donors, combined with the legacy of the LMC WFF Pistolero, 33/1 offers dependability in the advancement of any breeder’s operation. Up close you can study and appreciate the amount of bone and depth of rib she has, as well as structural correctness, maternal characteristics and sogginess. Watch her on the move and admire her powerful top line, and smoothness. We are honored to share this phenomenal heifer to the public, knowing she will represent the dollar sign brand well in the future!   

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Sire - LMC WFF Pistolero M130 (P)
Sire - LMC WFF Pistolero M130 (P)
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Dam - Miss SRS Polled Katie 161/4 (P)
Dam - Miss SRS Polled Katie 161/4 (P)

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