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Did you ever think you'd see the day when you could view an entire sale offering from your laptop? Or experience the thrill of an exciting cattle auction from your favorite chair? Or broadcast a cattle auction all over the world to an expanding and growing audience of bidders? Electronic commerce, or ecommerce, is a regular thing in many other businesses. Cattle In Motion,LLC was born out of a need that our founders discovered years ago in the industry. The cattle industry is changing. In 2002, Cattle In Motion, LLC began filming cattle and giving breeders across the country new ways to market their products. Our customers, the breeders, asked us to fill this growing need. Since it is becoming more and more inconvenient and costly to travel, buyers have to decide which auctions to attend. With Cattle In Motion,LLC  bidders are no longer limited to an auction or two per year. They can bid on any auction we broadcast. There is virtually no charge to be a lifetime bidder with Cattle In Motion LLC. It is also a simple process to choose to broadcast your auction with us. At Cattle In Motion, LLC , we bring your program to the buyer. This gives anyone with high speed internet the opportunity to purchase cattle from anywhere in the world. Call (888) 554-VIDS, to send your auction around the world.http://www.cattleinmotion.com/


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