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United States

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Dear Brahman Enthusiasts:


I want to first thank you for your interest in this offering.  It is an honor to again be able to work with The Mathews Family on this special sale.  As most know Jake has been assembling some of the top genetics in the breed over the past seven years.  In this sale you can purchase PROVEN donor dams and a herd sire.  Due to Jake having such a large number of superior donors and herd sires he is offering these cattle for sale.  They have been utilized by Jake with good results but as any good breeder should do he is moving to the next generation.  I encourage you to carefully study each lot and take advantage of these rare opportunities!

As the sale day approaches, we hope that you will study the information on the sale site.  If you have any questions or need additional information, please give Jake a call at 936-275-6248 or myself at 713-202-1747 and we will be glad to assist you.



Chris Shivers

Sale Manager



The following sale terms apply to this online sale:

Every animal in this sale is, to the best of the seller’s knowledge, free from any disease and are all sound. Bred females and cow/calf pairs will be considered breeders without further guarantee.  Buyer has 30 days from the date of the sale to have an accredited veterinarian check pregnancy status of bred females. The donors selling as open have been utilized successfully in an IVF Program but are NOT guaranteed to conceive.

If cattle are purchased for foreign export, cattle are sold “As Is” and the buyer will take full responsibility of animal, unless prior agreements are made before final bid is made.

Once a bid is made and confirmed, it cannot be retracted. Once a bidder places a bid, and if the bid is the high/winning bid, the bidder is obligated to purchase the lot at the bid price. Any winning bidder who refuses to pay for a lot may be banned from all future online auctions and other needed actions will be taken.

Placing a high/winning bid is a binding contract between the bidder and the owner/seller.  

The cattle are located at KI Cattle Company, 1050 CR 332, San Augustine, TX 75972.

 An invoice with payment instructions will be sent to each buyer’s registered e-mail address within 48 hours after the close of bidding. This e-mail will include the lot(s) purchased. If you do not receive an invoice via your e-mail in 48 hours after the close of the auction, please contact Sale Manager Chris Shivers, at 713-202-1747 or  It will be the buyer’s responsibility to contact the seller, Jake Mathews 936-275-6248, to arrange pick-up which should occur within 10 days of the sale unless otherwise negotiated with the seller.  It is expected that any animals not picked up within ten days after the sale without pre-arrangement with the seller, buyer will be charged $5/day. 

Hauling of the live cattle can be arranged. 

Health papers can be provided on request. Special testing or export health testing will be at the buyer's expense. Please call your state vet office for permits, requirements, etc. 

Once payment is received, the registration certificates will be transferred to the buyer.

The sale will be conducted through the All in All Done Format that is described below.  This is an internet sale which means that things can potentially go wrong.  We encourage you to refresh your page frequently especially if you are using a mobile device, and all of a sudden the timer indicates that the sale has “Expired”.  Many times if you refresh you will see that the sale is still ongoing. 


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