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Crockett, TX
United States

Dear Cattlemen: 

We want to first thank you for your interest in this sale.  We have been raising Brahman, Angus & F-1 cattle for over 30 years and although we have successfully marketed a number of cattle this is our first sale on our own.  We appreciate the positive feedback from everyone who came to look at the cattle at the farm and online.  We have learned a lot since getting involved in the production of F-1 cattle but the one thing that always remains the same is there is a market for superior cattle.  We have worked hard and tried to breed the best cattle that we could that were backed with the most proven and popular genetics in the industry.  We are proud of this offering and hope that you will take advantage of the work that we have done and utilize these genetics.

As the sale day approaches, we hope that you will study the information on the sale site.  If you would like to schedule a visit please give us a call and we would welcome you to the Centerville, Texas Ranch where the cattle are located.  We want to remind you that these animals (bulls & females) were born in Centerville, weaned and shipped to the Cut Off, LA ranch, and then sent back to Centerville for the sale preparation.  These cattle are as adapted as any that you will find due to being raised in some of the harshest environments along the Gulf Coast Region.

If you have any questions about the offering feel free to contact any of our team:

Paul Dufrene           


Jacob Dufrene


Jason Dildine


Ashly Pitre


Chris Shivers


The following sale terms apply to this online sale

Purchase Price = Bid X Number in the lot. The female lots will include multiple head and the bid price will be multiplied times the number of animals in the lot.

Once a bid is made and confirmed, it cannot be retracted. Once a bidder places a bid, and if the bid is the high/winning bid, the bidder is obligated to purchase the lot at the bid price. Any winning bidder who refuses to pay for a lot may be banned from all future online auctions and other needed actions will be taken.

Placing a high/winning bid is a binding contract between the bidder and the owner/seller.  

The cattle are located at Triple Son Farms, 7235 FM 542 Centerville, TX 75833.  An invoice with payment instructions will be sent to each buyer’s registered e-mail address within 48 hours after the close of bidding. This e-mail will include the lot(s) purchased. If you do not receive an invoice via your e-mail in 48 hours after the close of the auction, please contact our office immediately at 985-665-1513 or  It will be the buyer’s responsibility to contact the seller to arrange pick-up which should occur within 10 days of the sale unless otherwise negotiated with the seller.  It is expected that any animals not picked up within ten days after the sale without pre-arrangement with the seller will be charged $5/day. 


Hauling of the cattle can be arranged. 

Health papers will be provided.  All bulls have been BSE and Trich tested. Bred females have been palpated safe in calf and the number of months will be denoted on the health certificate.

The sale will be conducted through the All in All Done Format that is described below.  This is an internet sale which means that things can potentially go wrong.  We encourage you to refresh your page frequently especially if you are using a mobile device, and all of a sudden the timer indicates that the sale has “Expired”.  Many times if you refresh you will see that the sale is still ongoing. 

We wish you the best of luck and hope that you benefit from your purchases! 


Paul Dufrene


Close Out Process

This Sale will feature the Cattle In Motion All In - All Done Sale Close Out Format.
With this close out, as the time counts down No Bidding can happen within 5 minutes of the close of ALL Lots. So if the Lots are set to close at 7PM and with four minutes left (6:56PM), some one bids on lot 4, then enough time is added back to the clock to allow ALL lots to have 5 minutes (new close time is 7:01PM on ALL Lots), and the countdown resumes. Then if someone bids on Lot 8 at 6:59PM, then ALL lots are extended until 7:04PM. this process will go on until no one bids for a period of 5 minutes on ANY Lot.

Process to Bid Online

To be able to Bid Online for this sale, You will have to have completed the Following 3 Steps:

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2. Complete Lifetime Verification

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