South Florida Brahmans “Florida Girls II” Online Sale



Miami, FL
United States


1)  Due as soon as the sale closes, buyer will receive  an invoice
     via email immediately, funds must be in South Florida Brahmans
     possession within 5 business days of sale closing.

2) No cattle  will be released, shipped or transferred until payed for.

3) Wiring instructions will be provided upon request


1) South Florida Brahmans will do our best effort to provide free
    transportation to cattle sold out of state.

2) We will at our expense make one delivery to two centralized
     locations in Church Point, La.  and Wharton, Texas.

3) Should buyers need further assistance we will try to accommodate
     them to the best of our ability.

4) Once cattle is delivered to centralized location, buyer will have
     5 business days to pick-up cattle, at which time standard board
     fees will start to apply.

 Note: Should you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Close Out Process

This Sale will feature the Cattle In Motion All In - All Done Sale Close Out Format.
With this close out, as the time counts down No Bidding can happen within 5 minutes of the close of ALL Lots. So if the Lots are set to close at 7PM and with four minutes left (6:56PM), some one bids on lot 4, then enough time is added back to the clock to allow ALL lots to have 5 minutes (new close time is 7:01PM on ALL Lots), and the countdown resumes. Then if someone bids on Lot 8 at 6:59PM, then ALL lots are extended until 7:04PM. this process will go on until no one bids for a period of 5 minutes on ANY Lot.

Process to Bid Online

To be able to Bid Online for this sale, You will have to have completed the Following 3 Steps:

1. Create an Account

2. Complete Lifetime Verification

3. Sign Up for this Sale


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