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Krebs, OK
United States

KR 921/15

El Rey

#1 ranking Purebred Proven Carcass Trait Leader has impressive individual performance

Ranked #4 of 78 bulls at King Ranch gain test for ADG and #5 for IMF

Adj. YW 1235 REA 16.5 REA/CWT 1.30 IMF 5.77

Of the first 17 calves recorded with SGBI, 3 sons are listed in Young Sires Carcass Trait leaders: Harris 190E 2017382 Hefte F14 20175282 and Hefte F17 20175282

El Rey is the most proven sire for growth and carcass sire in the breed, with over 70

AI or ET offspring recorded he has proven to be a calving ease, high growth and carcass

Sire. He’s in Top 4% for WW and SC Top 1% for YW, HCW, IMF and REA


Harris Farms 190E

190E has exceptional growth and carcass numbers and is listed among the Young Sires Carcass Trait

Leaders. He’s in the Top 2% for WW Top 1% for YW, HCW, REA and IMF. His individual performance for

WW, YW, REA and IMF prove his ability to add to any program- commercial or purebred. He’s an outstanding polled bull that will set the standard for growth and carcass value.

WW      Ratio     YW    Ratio   SC    REA     BF     IMF

735       141      1185  118    36   13.45  0.27  5.00


PC Copperhead 915C4

If you’re looking for the EPD phenotype and genomics bull, here he is. He’s balanced,

has a great sheath-basically an all-in-one package.  Plus he is 2018 World Champion, International Champion and National Champion Santa Gertrudis bull. He’s in the Top 1% for WW, YW, HCW and REA

Top 10% IMF and Top 2% SC

RDF Sancho 7-216

RDF Sancho is a super deep, thick sire with extra length and shear muscle mass. He adds

growth, performance and plenty of shape to his offspring. He’s in Top 2% for WW and SC Top 1% YW, HCW, IMF and REA


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