Santa Elena Ranch "Traditions of Red Genetics II" Online Sale



Madisonville, TX
United States
Office: 936-348-6897
Alfredo A Muskus: 936-661-0001
Alfredo Muskus: 936-661-2121
Josefina Lecuna(Espanol): 936-661-1366
Yusmnari Uzcategui(Espanol): 936-661-3085


Attention Junior Exhibitors:

All haltered heifers that are purchased for showing in the 2016 Spring Major Livestock Shows must have ownership transferred by November 1, 2015.  The exhibitor must have possession of the heifer by the physical validation date for your specific county.  This date, time and location of physical validation is set by the County Heifer Validation Committee.  Please, contact your County Extension Agent or supervising Agriculture Science Teacher for Validation dates in your county.  Exhibitors with scheduling conflicts MUST NOTIFY the Validation Chairman to MAKE ARRANGEMENTS PRIOR to the scheduled validation day(s) in that county.

Please remember this and make payments promptly after sale so all paper work and ownership transfers can be turned in on time.  After closing of sale we will overnight the Registration to ABBA to meet the deadline of November 1,2015.

Close Out Process

This Sale will feature the Cattle In Motion All In - All Done Sale Close Out Format.
With this close out, as the time counts down No Bidding can happen within 5 minutes of the close of ALL Lots. So if the Lots are set to close at 7PM and with four minutes left (6:56PM), some one bids on lot 4, then enough time is added back to the clock to allow ALL lots to have 5 minutes (new close time is 7:01PM on ALL Lots), and the countdown resumes. Then if someone bids on Lot 8 at 6:59PM, then ALL lots are extended until 7:04PM. this process will go on until no one bids for a period of 5 minutes on ANY Lot.

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