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Welcome Letter

At El Coyote, we strive to combine the origins of ranching tradition with today's technology to make the past come alive.  We invite you to join us in celebrating the great Tari Graves FM 49, by visiting our Tari Graves Influence Celebration Online Sale and taking home your own piece of Texas history.

El Coyote Ranch is represented by an elite herd of Texas Longhorns. They are functional cattle bred in the old tradition using today's ideas and technology. This blend of past and present is proof that Longhorns can fulfill the demands of today's cattle market. 

For this special offering we have gone into our herd to find 10 exceptional females all with a connections to the great Tari Graves FM 49. It's very hard to let these genetics go, but in an effort to provide our customers we decided to help others benefit from the genetic foundation that Tari Graves FM 49 provides.     We have some twisty horns, breds, and even some 3-N-1s.  Not only are these females exciting, but their calves and planned matings contain a who's who of the longhorn industry in their pedigree.   The cattle in this sale have a strong foundation with a modern twist. 

These cattle are bred for longevity and to be productive and predictable. The beauty of the Texas Longhorn is not only in their rich heritage but in their uniqueness as well.  Each individual comes in an array of color patterns and horn shape.   At El Coyote we breed our cattle to be complete with horn, color, and conformation topped with a power packed pedigree package. 

We’ve taken a cross section of our herd to provide females in various age ranges with stacked genetics and loaded with horn growth potential.  Add these cattle with lineage and influence to your herd and allow them to help you be progressive for many years to come.

Whether you are new to the Texas Longhorn breed or have an established herd, or you are looking for that perfect gift for someone special or for yourself.

Take advantage of this opportunity!

It's time to add some El Coyote Ranch Longhorns to your herd!


*Calves at side that are of weaning age will be weaned.  These weaned calves are still part of the 3-n-1 package.

El Coyote Ranch

P.O. Box 711

Kingsville, TX 78363

Office: 361-294-5462

Cell: 361-522-0807


Terms & Conditions

Bidding:  Each animal will be sold to the highest bidder at the close of the sale on July 21, 2017.

Payment:  An invoice will be issued to each winning bidder at the conclusion of the sale.  Payment must be received prior to or at pick for each lot unless other arrangements have been made.        Checks are to be made payable to El Coyote Ranch.

Possession:  All buyers have 60 days (September 21, 2017) from the conclusion of the sale to pick up their purchases at the ranch, unless other arrangements are made prior to the closing pick up date. 

Certificates:   a Texas Longhorn Breeders Association of America (TLBAA) registration certificate will be furnished and transferred to the buyer of each lot upon receipt of payment. 

Health:  All cattle come from a state certified TB and Brucellosis free herd and will have health certificates to meet individual state requirements for the state which they will reside.

Breeding Status:  The breeding status of each lot will be verified and listed on the lot’s health certificate. For all open females, buyers have the option to keep them open or have them bred to the El Coyote bull of their choice.


Close Out Process

This Sale will feature the Cattle In Motion All In - All Done Sale Close Out Format.
With this close out, as the time counts down No Bidding can happen within 5 minutes of the close of ALL Lots. So if the Lots are set to close at 7PM and with four minutes left (6:56PM), some one bids on lot 4, then enough time is added back to the clock to allow ALL lots to have 5 minutes (new close time is 7:01PM on ALL Lots), and the countdown resumes. Then if someone bids on Lot 8 at 6:59PM, then ALL lots are extended until 7:04PM. this process will go on until no one bids for a period of 5 minutes on ANY Lot.

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