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Dear Fellow Brahman Breeders, Enthusiasts and Friends,

Welcome to the 2018 Funding the Future Online Sale featuring 30 intriguing lots, including exciting live cattle, rare domestic semen and embryo packages on some of the breed's most sought after sires and much more.  A unique South Texas Trophy Whitetail Hunt, services by some of the most respected professionals in the business and great Rodeo Houston tickets during the International Brahman Show round up this great offering.  We appreciate your interest and for assisting us in forwarding our mission of supporting and educating the Brahman youth.  

The Brahman Foundation got off to an excellent start after a successful Funding the Future Online Sale last December.  We'd like to thank the donors, bidders and buyers for their support.  We have been fortunate to have several of our past donors continue their support by donating to this year’s sale as well.  We thank them for their continued support of TBF and hope you will consider joining this generous group of Brahman breeders in the future.  It was good to see many donors and supporters during the International Brahman Show at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, in Houston, Texas.    
Another highlight for the Brahman Foundation during the International Brahman Show was the awarding of the annual TBF ANIMO Award to Armelinda Ibarra, who we greatly appreciate for her steadfast support, commitment, leadership and guidance to the American Brahman Breeders Association through the years.  She is “The Queen” of our international interests, as well as our recording ABBA secretary.  Armelinda has dedicated her life to the Brahman breed and its breeders.  We want to thank Armelinda once again for all that she does to make this great breed what it is today.  TBF also recognized the efforts of ABBA staff members Teresa Dominguez, Iridiana Ibarra and Laura Cabriales, as well as presented them with gift baskets for all that they do for the breed as well.  
We started the summer off by awarding premium cash prizes to the overall and/or showmanship winners at each of the State Jr. Brahman Shows, including Texas, Oklahoma, Florida and Louisiana.  TBF has created new traditions every year like having a motivational speaker at the welcome supper or the banquet dinner to inspire the Brahman youth.  TBF was also blessed to have added to our scholarship winners list, awarding 30 scholarships at the 2018 All American Show bringing our scholarship total to $67,500 since the inception of the Brahman Foundation back in 2016.  We also awarded 18 lucky American Junior Brahman Association members $250 cash prizes during the All American totaling $5,000 to our hard working juniors through the cash drawing this year.
The Leadership Camp has become a popular event among the juniors and we had the great fortune of being hosted by McNeese State University in Lake Charles, Louisiana where the juniors had an amazing time learning more about the breed, industry and much more.  The camp also included enjoyable and educational visits to the D Bar Ranch in Louisiana and Doucet Brahmans in Texas.  We want to thank the Duplantis' and Doucets' for their generosity in opening their ranches and homes to the group.  We also want to thank our hosts at McNeese State University, Shae Doucet for all her efforts and everyone who had a hand in making the 2018 camp a huge success.  We're already looking forward to a great camp in 2019.
The Brahman Foundation was also proud to co-sponsor the popular steak dinner at the Bluebonnet Association's Kickoff Classic in Bryan, Texas.  Great food, camaraderie and fellowship were shared by several families and once again the Bluebonnet Association did a fine job of preparing the meal, hosting one of the largest Brahman shows of the year and doing their best of accommodating everyone.  If you have not attended a Kickoff, we strongly encourage you to do so.  This dinner has been a great opportunity to relax, catch up with old friends and make new ones.
A special thank you to Cattle In Motion for hosting us once again for the Funding the Future Online Sale.  Tim and Erin Lockhart do a fine job throughout the year hosting several sales online, including many Brahman sales and we appreciate them donating their services to the Brahman Foundation on this much anticipated event.  If you are thinking about having an online sale in 2019, we hope you'll give them a call and see how they can assist you with your marketing goals.   
With your support of this sale, we look forward to continuing enhancing these various programs and the others the TBF supports, as well as looking into creating more opportunities for our great youth.  Once again, thank you for being with us here online for the Funding the Future Online Sale and we look forward to making more things happen in 2019!  
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
The Brahman Foundation Board of Directors


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